Fletch was created by David and Jaime, a husband and wife in California in 2021. After having their son Fletcher in 2020, Jaime quickly realized that bamboo was her absolute favorite material when it came to pajamas. Unlike the fleece or cotton pajamas which seemed to be too warm for her son, bamboo kept him to a comfortable temperature all night and was gentle enough on his eczema to prevent any flare-ups. There were 2 glaring problems, though. 1. He was outgrowing his expensive bamboo footie jammies so quickly and it seemed like larger sizes needed to be purchased every couple months. Once Fletcher started walking, they had tons of wear and tear and even holes in the feet of his jammies. 2. There didn’t seem to be any COOL pajamas that matched the surf, skate, & snow style he was in during the day.

Jaime and David started to look into new options that used bamboo material and that could last much longer and finally were able to come up with a solution! A convertible footie romper that stretches and is made of the softest bamboo fabric out there. Because of its design, the romper lasted Fletcher 3x longer than any other brand or design and because the feet cuffs could be rolled up during the day, they were able to avoid the holes and wear and tear in the bottom of the jammies!

From sheets to streets, these jammies are designed for kids to be able to roll out of bed to sidekick for errands, head to brunch, beach, or wherever all while staying stylish!